PAS Executive Committee

Chris Abani | Board of Trustees Professor of English

Chris Abani
  • Interest(s):  African Poetics; World Literature; African Presences in Medieval and Renaissance Cultural Spaces; West African Music; Yoruba and Igbo Philosophy and Religion
  • Phone: 847-467-1065
  • E-mail:

Adia Benton | Assistant Professor in Anthropology

Adia Benton
  • Interest(s):  Global health, biomedicine, development, humanitarianism, political economy, race, gender, sports, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, US
  • Phone: 847/491-2852
  • E-mail:

Kathleen Bickford Berzock | Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs, Block Museum

Kathleen Bickford Berzock

Caroline Bledsoe | Melville J. Herskovits Professor of African Studies

Caroline Bledsoe
  • Interest(s):  Cultural visions of marriage, fertility and contraception, and child fosterage in West Africa
  • Phone: 847-491-4825
  • E-mail:

Brian Citro | Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Brian Citro
  • Interest(s):  international human rights, public health and human rights, climate geoengineering
  • E-mail:

Andrew Dillon | Clinical Associate Professor, Kellogg; Research Associate Professor, Global Poverty Research Lab

Andrew Dillon
  • Interest(s):  market organization in developing countries and productivity-enhancing investments that households may make in health and nutrition, new agricultural technologies, and education
  • E-mail:

Jonathon Glassman | Professor of History

Jonathon Glassman
  • Interest(s):  History; Studies comparative race and slavery focusing on nineteenth and twentieth century East Africa
  • Phone: 847-491-8963
  • E-mail:

Wendy Griswold | Professor of Sociology

Wendy Griswold
  • Interest(s):  Social context of literary production and reception in anglophone West Africa
  • Phone: 847-491-2701
  • E-mail:

Sean Hanretta | Associate Professor of History

Sean Hanretta
  • Interest(s):  West African intellectual history, with a focus on Islam; African religions in Francophone West Africa and Ghana
  • Phone: 847-491-7557
  • E-mail:

Stephen Hill | Senior Associate Director, Office of Fellowships

Stephen Hill
  • Interest(s):  Interface between Tanzanian music and nationalism; Wamatengo in southwestern Tanzania; Gender in musical choices; How historical circumstances may stimulate musical action
  • Phone: 847-491-2617
  • E-mail:

Esmeralda Kale | George and Mary LeCron Foster Curator of the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies

Esmeralda Kale

Meagan Keefe | Associate Director, Program of African Studies

Meagan Keefe

Robert Launay | Professor of Anthropology

Robert Launay
  • Interest(s):  Islamic identity in West African societies; The roles of clerics in shaping social discourse; History of anthropological theory; pre-Enlightenment images of African and other cultures
  • Phone: 847-491-4841
  • E-mail:

Amanda Logan | Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Amanda Logan
  • Interest(s):  Everyday life in times of environmental, political, and economic change; West Africa‚Äôs participation in global trade networks
  • Phone: 847-491-4564
  • E-mail:

D. Soyini Madison | Professor of Performance Studies

D. Soyini Madison

Ragy Mikhaeel | Assistant Professor of Instruction, Arabic

Ragy Mikhaeel

Evan Mwangi | Associate Professor in English

Evan Mwangi
  • Interest(s):  African fiction in the contexts of literary theory; TV news; Sports; Aesthetics; East African hiphop music
  • Phone: 847-491-3529
  • E-mail:

Peter Mwangi | Assistant Professor of Instruction, Swahili

Peter Mwangi
  • Interest(s):  current trends in global higher education, impact of the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) on the internationalization of higher education in the U.S.
  • Phone: 847-467-2004
  • E-mail:

Nasrin Qader | Associate Professor of French

Nasrin Qader
  • Interest(s):  Modern Arabic literature; African literature in French and English; and Literary theory and criticism
  • Phone: 847-491-8263
  • E-mail:

Will Reno | Director of African Studies, Political Science

Will Reno
  • Interest(s):  Conflict in the context of state collapse; Political strategies of armed groups and the politics of international intervention and counter insurgency; Somalia and the greater Horn of Africa region
  • E-mail:

Jeff Rice | WCAS Advising

Jeff Rice
  • Interest(s):  West African state development in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; Expansion of Asante
  • Phone: 847-491-8916
  • E-mail:

Rachel Riedl | Political Science

Rachel Riedl
  • Interest(s):  Democratization in Africa; Causes of variation in party system institutionalization
  • Phone: 847-467-2291
  • E-mail:

Zekeria Ahmed Salem | Director of ISITA, Associate Professor of Political Science

Zekeria Ahmed Salem
  • Interest(s):  Islam and Muslim Politics in Africa, Islamic Thought; Islam, race and ethnicity; social movements; bureaucratization; equality and citizenship; the State in Africa
  • Phone: 847-467-2143
  • E-mail:

David Schoenbrun | History

David Schoenbrun
  • Interest(s):  History of power in Uganda; Great Lakes region of Africa
  • Phone: 847-491-7278
  • E-mail:

Rebecca Shereikis | ISITA

Rebecca Shereikis
  • Interest(s):  Francophone West Africa (particularly Mali); African Muslim responses to colonialism; Islamic law in African contexts
  • Phone: 847-491-2598
  • E-mail:

Juliet Sorensen | Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Law and Kellogg

Juliet Sorensen

Helen Tilley | Associate Professor of History

Helen Tilley
  • Interest(s):  Interplay among environmental, medical, and human sciences in nineteenth and twentieth century Africa; European imperialism and development studies
  • Phone: 847-467-3397
  • E-mail:

Christopher Udry | Professor of Economics, Co-Director of Global Poverty Research Lab

Christopher Udry

Ivy Wilson | Associate Professor of English, Director of American Studies

Ivy Wilson
  • Interest(s):  Comparative literatures of the black diaspora and U.S. literary studies; African American culture
  • Phone: 847-491-3496
  • E-mail:

Sera Young | Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Sera Young
  • Interest(s):  Reduction of maternal and child undernutrition in low-resource settings, especially sub-Saharan Africa
  • Phone: 847 467-2174
  • E-mail: