Meet the 2018 Fellows

Aidah Bukubuza | Uganda

Aidah Bukubuza
  • Short Bio: Aidah Bukubuza has six years of experience designing technology information systems, research, and marketing information communications technology (ICT) solutions. Aidah is passionate about gender inclusive technology, maternal mental health, and advocacy. She believes that every woman has the potential to thrive and deserves to be fully empowered through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Currently, Aidah is the founder and lead operations manager of AYDIA Technology; a Uganda consulting firm focused on the participation of youth and women in ICT for education, business, agritech, fintech, health innovation, and advocacy. She is a member of Bernice Women, an NGO fighting to end violence against women. She is also a founding partner at DigiHealth Limited, which designs and develops software applications to improve health sector service delivery. Aidah holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Makerere University and a postgraduate diploma in Applied ICT in Health from Clarke International University. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Aidah plans to continue empowering youth and women in technology through innovation in education, health, and advocacy, to bridge the digital gender gap.

Chepkemoi Magdaline | Kenya

Chepkemoi Magdaline
  • Short Bio: Chepkemoi Magdaline is a computer scientist with over five years of experience in research, software development, and networking. She is the founder and executive director of EldoHub, a technology innovation hub, which empowers and supports youth in identifying problems in their communities and applying different technologies as their solutions. Chepkemoi holds a master’s degree in Mobile Telecommunications and Innovation from Strathmore University. Chepkemoi also co-founded Techstarlets Kenya to empower and support women and girls in rural Kenya in STEM. She has a passion for using technology and innovation to transform rural Africa.

Donna-Ray White | Zimbabwe

Donna-Ray White
  • Short Bio: Donna-Ray White Campbell has over six years’ experience in finance and over seven years’ experience in business development and management. As a natural marketer, she now serves as a wealth manager for the deVere group. Donna is a qualified financial planner whose job entails setting up investment savings and aiding her clients in preparing for retirement. She believes in financial education for all and is willing to teach all who are willing to listen. Passionate about sharing her story and journey to empower women, she plans to educate women through her experiences in business, life, and writing. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Donna aims to become a motivational speaker and development coach for young adults and promote financial education for all.

Douglas Baguma | Uganda

Douglas Baguma
  • Short Bio: Douglas Baguma has over six years’ experience working in the renewable energy industry, focusing on solar energy. He is an internationally trained renewable energy engineer with a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Makerere University. He also holds a first class post graduate diploma in Business Administration from the Uganda Management Institute. Douglas is currently the managing director at Innovex, a Ugandan business, which provides energy access to low-income populations and rural communities by providing essential pay-as-you-go and solar monitoring technology to solar contractors. He is driven by his dream of global access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Douglas will continue to promote energy access to eradicate poverty and advance health, education, rural enterprises, and agribusiness through solar irrigation.

Dumisani Kaliati | Malawi

Dumisani Kaliati
  • Short Bio: Dumisani Kaliati has over 5 years of experience in microcontroller programing and software development. He is the founder and CEO of MicroMek, the first Malawian based drone startup, and is currently locally developing a Virginia Tech Unmanned Systems Lab novel and low cost EcoSoar aircraft for delivery of remote medicine in hard to reach remote areas of Malawi and Africa. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Malawi. He is the Co-founder of Peza, a USSD and SMS mobile application that connects informal labor service providers to clients near them, and he enjoys mentoring young upcoming tech innovators with the aim of enhancing the spirit of prototyping in Malawi. Dumisani also works with the Dr Hempel Digital Health Network as the Africa coordinator where he research and exposes African digital health innovations. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Dumisani plans to explore more in the digital health space, using low cost UAV technology to connect the undeserved remote areas of Africa, and deliver medicine for children and pregnant women.

Edouard Oussou | Gabon

Edouard Oussou
  • Short Bio: Edouard Claude Gniagoginenie Oussou has more than ten years of experience as a webmaster and multimedia developer. He also has four years of experience in education and training. Currently, Edouard is the founder of two startups: Scientia, which promotes student academic success, and, which provides adults with necessary skills to achieve their goals and lead happy and successful lives. Edouard is motivated by his commitment to accelerate the development of Africa through education and change of mentality.

Ibrahima Kane | Senegal

Ibrahima Kane
  • Short Bio: Ibrahima Kane has over three years of experience in software engineering with a special interest in architecture and software development processes. Currently, Ibrahima is the founder and CEO of IKANE Co, a computer engineering company consisting of three strategic business units. These units are Jangando, specialized in information technology solutions for education and training, SunuCorp, offering digital services to improve daily life, and SamaKDO, an online service for purchasing and delivering gifts. He is also the founder and blogger at, an online blog that is focused on promoting innovative products made in Africa and inspiring success stories across the African continent. Ibrahima holds a degree in Computer Engineering with a concentration in software design engineering from the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique in Dakar. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Ibrahima plans to apply his experience to benefit Espace Innov, which is a space that supports creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship at Senegalese universities. Ibrahima is currently testing the initiative at the University of Dakar with the intention to expand it to other universities and training institutes across the country.

Idrisa Mshare | Tanzania

Idrisa Mshare
  • Short Bio: Idrisa Mshare has over five years of experience in auditing, finance, and entrepreneurship. Currently, Idrisa is an internal auditor at the Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission, where he focuses on reviewing and recommending compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and government policies. He is a certified public accountant in Tanzania and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Dodoma, where he focused on microfinance and financial institutions. Idrisa is driven by his commitment to see strong and sustainable business enterprises in Tanzania. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to provide business and advisory services in a professional capacity to improve the performance of public and private entities.

Jean Onyait | Uganda

Jean Onyait
  • Short Bio: Jean Anthony Onyait is the founding CEO of Akellobanker, a Ugandan based fintech that uses mobile tools to facilitate access to inclusive credit services and products. At Akellobanker, Jean focuses on the strategic growth of the organization, but he also provides training for farmers and traders on the usage of the system since he loves engaging in the community. Jean's ten years’ experience in electronic microfinance systems, telecom mobile money payment systems, and digital finance literacy prepare him to work with communities to build resilience and overcome shocks through improved access to services and products. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jean plans to continue leveraging technology to facilitate access to credit services and products for farmers and small-scale traders, specifically by utilizing data to generate credit scores that will facilitate credit and insurance underwriting for less privileged communities.

Jeremy Riro | Kenya

Jeremy Riro
  • Short Bio: Jeremy Riro has over four years of experience in strategy consulting and investment advising. Currently, Jeremy is the managing partner at Fie-Consult, where he supports small and medium enterprises to develop innovative and sustainable business growth strategies, streamlining their operations, managing their cash-flows, providing financial modeling and analysis, and raising capital. Jeremy is also a business columnist at Business Daily Africa, economic contributor at, contributor to the World Bank Nasikiliza blog, and economics and entrepreneurship blogger for his blog, Africonometrics. Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Nairobi, where he is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. He is a certified public accountant in Kenya and a chartered financial analyst (CFA) candidate at the CFA Institute. Jeremy subscribes to the Africapitalism school of thought, believing that African youth entrepreneurs who are committed to excellence, integrity, possibility, and growth are the greatest asset the continent to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and realizing Africa’s Agenda 2063. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jeremy plans on using his acquired skills, knowledge, and networks to infuse exponential growth into the entrepreneurship ecosystem across sub-Saharan Africa.

Juliet Odhiambo | Kenya

Juliet Odhiambo
  • Short Bio: Juliet Odhiambo has eight years’ experience in the banking and finance industry, focusing on banking operations, transaction banking, and finance systems. She also volunteers as a financial literacy trainer, empowering students, community youth groups, and small business owners by teaching the basics of financial management for personal and business growth. Juliet holds a master’s degree in International Relations with a concentration in Development Issues from the United States International University ‘ Africa. She is interested in the intersection of financial literacy, financial technology, and policy for social impact and social development. She believes that financial literacy reduces poverty at both personal and national levels because understanding the financial industry enables individuals to take advantage of products and services, such as credit, encouraging financial inclusion and stimulating economic growth. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Juliet plans to partner with online communities and financial technology companies to continue promoting financial literacy through web content creation and marketing. She also hopes to play a role in advocating for access to financial services for the general populace.

Koketso Rampyapedi | South Africa

Koketso Rampyapedi
  • Short Bio: Koketso Rampyapedi currently serves as the Assistant Vice President for the Corporate banking business unit of ABSA Capital where he is responsible for the Liquidity Management Product Portfolio as a specialist. While working in the finance and banking industry, he went on to further his studies by acquiring a qualification (National Diploma, from Hedge Fund Academy) in Financial Markets and Investment instruments. His love for education didn't stop there, as he went on further to obtain a postgraduate diploma in Leadership and Management bringing his total qualifications to a tally of five to date. Koketso is a vibrant and young African with a strong passion for sustainable business growth in Africa. He displays this passion by channeling it through his whY Generation Management Consulting firm (YGMC), a firm which he founded and serves as its Chairman. The firm serves as an entrepreneurial business enabler, is a business doctor as it applies its blueprint methodologies and consulting frameworks to turnaround businesses and it provides the much-needed business catalyst that majority of small business enterprises in South Africa and the greater parts of Africa desperately require to survive and grow. The firm specializes in strategy, operations management, transaction advisory and product development.

Koubouratou Idjaton | Benin

Koubouratou Idjaton
  • Short Bio: Koubouratou Olowountogni Idjaton has over five years of experience in software engineering with a passion for community involvement. Currently, Koubouratou is the co-founder of SynerTech Ventures, where they focus on developing custom tech solutions for businesses, showing them how to optimize the internet and digital resources to increase incomes and create growth. SynerTech Ventures also support young entrepreneurs with technical skills to build startups. Koubouratou is also the current Curator of the Cotonou Hub of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. With her team, she works to increase youth's awareness of better digital hygiene and organizes free training sessions on digital skills and technology discovery. Koubouratou holds a master's degree in computer science issued by the Institute of Training and Research in Computer Science(IFRI) at the National University of Abomey-Calavi. Koubouratou is committed to providing support to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them seize the opportunity of the technological revolution the world is experiencing and to increase incomes and build successful businesses. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Koubouratou plans to continue providing digital skills training and create innovative tech solutions to shape the future of technology in Benin.

Magellan Attoungbre | Cote d'Ivoire

Magellan Attoungbre
  • Short Bio: Magellan Attoungbre has over seven years of experience in energy and natural resources investment. Currently, he is the managing director of both Brownfield, which focuses on infrastructure and real estate engineering, and March Commodities, an import/export company. Magellan holds a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and a master’s degree in Energy Management. He is committed to being one of Africa's most impactful investors. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Magellan plans to launch Momentum, a venture capital and private equity firm that focuses on the energy, real estate, and water supply sectors in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mercy Flomo | Liberia

Mercy Flomo
  • Short Bio: Mercy Flomo is an auditor, banker, and entrepreneur with over five years of experience in public and private sectors in Liberia. She holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting from the Stella Maris Polytechnic in Monrovia and currently works as an auditor for the United Bank for Africa, Liberia. She has drawn on her experiences from the Bank and inspiration from her entrepreneur mother by establishing a breakfast service that supplies food to students and busy professionals in the mornings. Mercy believes that entrepreneurship is the pass out of poverty. She plans to expand her business model, after the Mandela Washington Fellowship, to a larger pool of customers and to work with young girls in entrepreneurship training.

Mogomotsi France | Botswana

Mogomotsi France
  • Short Bio: Mogomotsi Patrick France has ten years’ experience in the finance services industry. He is the founder and director of the Key Wealth Group, a firm specializing in teaching financial education and helping individuals grow personally and create wealth. Mogomotsi is passionate about creating a financially literate Africa, and in his work, he uses radio and social platforms to educate people, especially the financially excluded. Mogomotsi’s goal is to help create a financially literate society. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to use his enhanced entrepreneurial skills to develop more solutions to reach people across Africa and teach them financial education.

Ndaudika Mulundileni | Namibia

Ndaudika Mulundileni
  • Short Bio: Ndaudika Mulundileni is a social development enthusiast, focusing on social entrepreneurship. Currently, Ndaudika is the CEO of MindsInAction, a fast-growing company that identifies community challenges and offers innovative solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechatronics from the University of Cape Town. Ndaudika is driven by his desire to become a catalyst for economic growth and sustainable development. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans his acquired skills, knowledge, and network to expand his business, while making a positive impact.

Olamide Johnson | Nigeria

Olamide Johnson
  • Short Bio: Olamide Johnson is the chief of staff at Ventures Platform, where they actively find, support, and fund innovative, problem-solving business in Africa. At Ventures Platform, they provide support through three main venues: Ventures Park, a co-working space and community for entrepreneurs, Ventures Platform Accelerator, a seed stage fund and start-up accelerator, and Ventures Platform Startup Foundation, a nonprofit and social impact organization. He has a Master of Business Administration and six years of entrepreneurial experience. He is skilled at helping tech-entrepreneurs create their business narrative and passionate about helping young African entrepreneurs build products that users love. In addition to his work with startups, he is the founder of The Business Storytelling Company, where he helps young business founders understand, write, and tell the stories their customers, employees, and investors want to hear. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Olamide will continue to help entrepreneurs conceptualize, validate, and profitably execute their business ideas.

Peter Ayeni | Nigeria

Peter Ayeni
  • Short Bio: Peter Ayeni has over six years’ experience in information and communication technology, working with government agencies, corporate organizations, NGOs, and start-ups. Currently, Peter is the founder and chief technology officer of Mbele, a social enterprise in Nigeria. Mbele uses innovative technology to make quality education accessible, fun and rewarding for all, creating lifetime learners. Peter has also worked on democracy and human development projects in Nigeria, such as WatchingTheVote, a citizen-led, data-driven election observation campaign, NotTooYoungToRun, a bill that aims to reduce the age minimum for public office, Rhoda, an organization using technology for social good, IdeaHunt, a platform that empowers youth with necessary skills and information to create innovative solutions addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, and OpenHealth, an organization, which he co-founded, advocating for universal health coverage in Nigeria. Peter holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Security from SMC Switzerland and is a member of the Computer Forensics Institute of Nigeria. He is driven by his passion for using technology for social good. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Peter envisions building an economically prosperous future for Africans through knowledge sharing and access to equitable quality education through technological innovation.

Samir Silva | Cabo Verde

Samir Silva
  • Short Bio: Samir Agues Da Cruz Silva is a consultant and expert in business and entrepreneurship with over six years' experience. Currently, Samir is the executive director of MBC, a start-up incubator and coworking center that he founded in 2017. MBC is on a mission to support young entrepreneurs, providing technical assistance, access to resources, a coworking space, mentors, management training, and networking opportunities. He also works as a facilitator at the Cape Verde Entrepreneurship Workshop and provides training in entrepreneurship, finance, and management. Samir holds a master's degree in Economics. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he hopes to improve MBC's performance and impact by developing new incubation and acceleration programs. Over the next five years, he plans to create a national start-up acceleration program.

Sena Nyame | Ghana

Sena Nyame
  • Short Bio: Sena Nyame is an engineer and has nine years of experience in the Ghanaian financial services industry spanning pensions and insurance. He has an exceptional understanding of pension scheme management. He is the general manager of Old Mutual Pensions Trust, where they ensure the retirement security of Ghanaian workers; manage occupational, provident and personal pension schemes; and offer pension trustee and fund administration services to corporations and individuals. He is an ardent advocate of youth development, and his passion led him to establish The Little Things Foundation, which has since mentored over 100 young individuals. Sena has an engineering degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a Master of Business Administration from Central University Business School, Ghana. Sena desires to see Ghanaians working in the informal sector retire happily and plans on utilizing mobile technology to ensure over 300,000 workers in the informal sector have access to secure retirement within the next five years. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Sena intends to depend on his knowledge and network gained from participation in the Fellowship to improve his company and scale up activities of The Little Things Foundation.

Sinethemba Mafanya | South Africa

Sinethemba Mafanya
  • Short Bio: Sinethemba Mafanya is CEO and founder of Cheers Z Ventures, an investment accelerator, funder, and manager for start-up businesses, and a general manager of a social investment vehicle for South Africa, the Diageo SA Empowerment Trust. Previously, Sinethemba worked for Accenture, Ernst and Young, and Proctor and Gamble, leading strategy consulting and fast moving consumer goods firms. Sinethemba is establishing a number of start-ups in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Tatianna Binda | Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Tatianna Binda
  • Short Bio: Tatianna Lukama Binda has over five years’ experience in sales and currently works as a sales account manager at African Digital Networks, a Liquid Telecom Group subsidiary, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is passionate about economically empowering women and youth, specifically through education and financial independence by promoting entrepreneurship. She is actively involved in her community through volunteerism and community service. Tatianna holds a diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM, UK) and a degree in Business Administration (majoring in Banking and Finance) from University of Namibia. She is currently pursuing an MBA focusing on Management Strategy from the University of Zambia. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Tatianna plans to continue her involvement in the community by providing mentoring and business acumen knowledge and training youth and other disadvantaged groups to seize self-employment opportunities.

Towela Phiri | Zambia

Towela Phiri
  • Short Bio: Towela Phiri currently has over three years of experience in digital marketing and social entrepreneurship. Towela is the director and founder of ZedLance, an online platform that links local freelancers with virtual online jobs. ZedLance also provides information on best practices for small and medium businesses. Towela holds a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science and is passionate about entrepreneurship. She loves new challenges, impacting positive change in people's lives, and working in a dynamic environment. These were her reasons for choosing the digital marketing field. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Towela plans to share her experiences and newly-gained information in her entrepreneurship classes, in articles on her personal website and social media pages, at Women's Wednesday presentations at the American Embassy in Zambia, and with local media. Through these activities, she hopes to gain future mentees who she can link with other participants from the Fellowship. Her goal is to help people not only believe in their dreams but also to achieve them.

Valentine Gondo | Zimbabwe

Valentine Gondo
  • Short Bio: Valentine Gondo has five years of combined professional experience as a fintech project manager, emissions control entrepreneur, and financial services business intelligence officer. Currently, he works for Digikad Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, a private company introducing a card-based payment system for social services in Zimbabwe. In addition, he founded and co-owns Clean Earth Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, a midsize company supplying emissions control technologies in Zimbabwe, allowing customers to comply with local and international standards. Valentine holds a Bachelor of Business Science in Economics and Mathematical Statistics from Rhodes University in South Africa. He also completed an operations fellowship with Hope International to gain a deeper understanding of savings and credit associations and microfinance in rural communities. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Valentine intends to continue pursuing his dream of establishing a microbank targeting the small and medium enterprise sector, supporting his vision of contributing to private investment-led development in Africa. He also aims to increase his participation in community initiatives with a focus on youth development and social entrepreneurship.