Working Group Awards

The Program of African Studies invites applications for funding to sponsor an interdisciplinary working group to address topics in African Studies. Working groups help build communities of scholars promoting regular discussion and reflection on topics of common interest.

Individual groups may take different approaches and pursue different goals, such as a lecture series; discussions of empirical and theoretical works of scholarship; pursuing a collaborative, interdisciplinary research project; producing working paper series; commentary and analysis of a group members' work in progress. Working Groups must involve at least one faculty member. PAS will fund up to $5,000 of the working group budget. Upon completion, PAS will require a final report.

Application instructions:

Application deadline is April 15. Applications must include the following for successful submission:

  1. Two page description of the purpose of the group;
  2. The plans for the period of work;
  3. Budget. If the budget is higher than $5,000, please indicate where additional funds are being sought.

Online application available through the Application Portal.

Please direct questions to or call 847-467-2006.