Why African Studies at Northwestern?

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With all of the options of disciplines and courses to choose from at Northwestern, why choose African Studies?

  • African Studies is an interdisciplinary program that gives students the flexibility to choose from a broad range of courses in over 11 different academic departments.
  • Here at Northwestern, we have the oldest African Studies program in the country.
  • Northwestern has the largest Africana collection in existence at the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies.
  • African Studies allows students to learn about new cultures and languages and gain a broader global mindset.
  • There are numerous study abroad opportunities for travel to sub-Saharan Africa or North Africa.
  • Choose African Studies as a major or minor.
  • Engage in discussion with classmates and explore specific areas of interest in Afrilogue, an undergraduate student group.
  • Enhance your knowledge of African history and current events by attending weekly Wednesday lunch lectures and special events.