Meet the 2017 Fellows

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Grace Baloyi  -  South Africa

Grace Baloyi

Grace Baloyi is a natural scientist with experience in innovations support and products and technology development. She is driven by the application and provision of practical scientific solutions to everyday challenges and growth of emerging enterprises in South Africa. Grace is currently a Manager for the Department of Science's (DST) flagship Technology Stations Program where she contributes towards improving the competitiveness of industry, specifically small and medium enterprises. She facilitates the interaction between industry and academia to enable innovations. This flagship program in Africa is implemented through the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). Ms. Baloyi is looking to exchange her know-how and experience with fellows in the Mandela Washington Fellowship. Her values are influenced by challenges facing women's welfare, health care, and chronic and infectious diseases.

Cindy Bavo  -  Tanzania

Cindy Bavo

Cynthia Bavo is a Communication Specialist with seven years of work experience in various communication disciplines. She currently runs two startups. Startup Grind Dar is a local tech community powered by Google for Entrepreneurs that seeks to inspire, connect, and educate tech startup founders. Hey it's Cin! is a digital content and events company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract target audiences and increase sales by creating online content and event experiences. Cynthia holds a Masters in Arts in Corporate Communication and a BSc in International Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Cynthia plans to expand Startup Grind's reach to other parts of Tanzania, train more young professionals and startup founders, and create feel-good online content for Tanzanian youth.

Kebati Calvin  -  Kenya

Kebati CalvinKebati Calvin has over five years of experience in the area of education, specifically focusing on incubation and commercialization of innovation. Currently, Calvin is the Deputy Director of the Nairobi Industrial and Technology Park (NITP), an incubator for knowledge-based innovations and research into sustainable enterprises to foster sustainable development. He focuses on selection, incubation, and commercialization of the innovation in the university. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology and is currently working toward a master's degree in Project Management. Calvin is driven by his commitment to creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Kenya that will facilitate more commercialization of innovations. Calvin plans to continue with his work of supporting innovations to the commercialization level.

Paulo Emanuel D'Alva  -  Sao Tome and Principe

Paulo Emanuel D'Alva

Paulo Emanuel D'Alva is an Architect and Deputy Director of a large architecture firm. In 2016, Paulo developed a business project that addresses the issue of food security in Africa that would provide growth in family income for farmers and low-income families. This initiative earned him the title "Top 50 Entrepreneurs with The Most Significant and Sustainable Impact to Create Jobs and Improve Lives in Africa." His project aims at linking small farmers to main markets by leveraging the B2B e-commerce web platform to the agricultural sector. Over the next five years, he plans to start his project and mentor the youth in his community to develop their entrepreneurial capacity.

Cristina Duarte  -  Cabo Verde

Cristina Duarte

Cristina Duarte has a Masters in Management and Industrial Engineering from the University of Porto. She is currently the CEO of Inpharma Laboratories in Cabo Verde. She is also part of the Global Shapers, Praia Hub since 2015, where she helps on the development of local projects.

Ama Duncan  -  Ghana

Ama Duncan

Ama Duncan has over 12 years’ experience in the human resources development field and is the founder of Corporate Training Solutions (CTS), where she helps organizations meet their performance targets through employee learning and development activities. She is also the founder of The Fabulous Woman Network (FWN), where she brings women together to share experiences, learn, network, and collaborate. Through The FWN, Ama has shared the life-changing stories of over 150 fabulous women reaching over 3 million people on social media. Through CTS, she has trained over 800 people. She mentors women and speaks on radio and television shows as well as conferences including TEDx Adum. Ama has been published in reputable newspapers and blogs and is currently an Access Bank W Ambassador. With a Master’s in Business Administration from Paris Graduate School of Management, France, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Ghana, Ama Duncan is committed to celebrating, developing and inspiring women, and providing solutions to employee training needs. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she hopes to use the experience and network to facilitate business coaching for 25 women entrepreneurs in Ghana by the end of 2017.

Pravesh Gaonjur  -  Mauritius

Pravesh Gaonjur

Pravesh Gaonjur has over ten years of experience in the field of IT, specifically focusing on Information Security. Currently, Pravesh is the Executive Director of Tylers which he co-founded in 2010. Pravesh holds a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune, India. He is also a board member of several committees and strives to put Mauritius on the international map as a secure Cyber Island. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Pravesh plans to drive a local IT Strategic Plan for the country to achieve the status of a Secure Cyber Island.

Ibrahim Issoufou  -  Niger

Ibrahim Issoufou

Ibrahim Issoufou is a Senior Operation IT Service Delivery and Project Manager with over five years of experience within International Business Machines (IBM) with a team of 18 people. Currently, he is the founder and Owner of 2is, a company specializing in mobile apps and digital marketing, which has been operating for one year. He is leading a team of four in designing and delivering IT solutions for small, medium, and big size companies, focusing in business processes automation and web collaborative apps. Ibrahim holds a master's degree in IT Networks and Telecommunications from Universite de Savoie in France, where he was been able to gain knowledge in computer science and information as well as cyber security. Ibrahim believes in his engagement to educate youth and his community about new technologies and how they can change and make daily life very easy. He hopes to see social media championing democracy and development. After the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Ibrahim wants to assert himself as a digital leader of the technology movement with a focus on promoting a digital culture. He is also committed to taking part of an effort to transform his country into a knowledge-based economy.

Musa Kalangahe  -  Tanzania

Musa Kalangahe

Musa N. Kalangahe is a co-owner of the online grocery and fresh raw food store With acquired ICT experience on database management, systems, and applications design of over three years, he manages the infrastructure and maintains system processes to facilitate operations. One of the primary motives for Musa is to strengthen local farming for good fresh produce through youth engagement in entrepreneurship to create jobs for themselves and the people around them. Upon completion of the fellowship and his return to Africa, Musa will use the knowledge and connections to foster and organize youth engagement in activities such as farming so as to increase a supply chain in fresh produce. Also, he hopes to initiate a professional hub to get youth with various expertise together to create and harness solutions for a number of challenges they encounter and be able to share best practices and lessons learned with others.

Jimmy Kalombo  -  South Africa

Jimmy Kalombo

Mbengu "Jimmy" Kalombo has over six years' experience in auditing, accounting, consulting and investment banking, and has plied his trade in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the USA. Jimmy is currently the Founder and Director of a company called Kuwasha Afrika that specializes in financial advisory and technology development. Jimmy has an honors degree in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg and is a Qualified Chartered Accountant. Jimmy is motivated in building businesses that will create employment and has elected the Business and Entrepreneurship track to find innovative ways to eradicate unemployment in Africa. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jimmy plans to use technology and software development methods to find African solutions for African problems in the fight against youth unemployment in Africa.

Kalab Kebede  -  Ethiopia

Kalab Kebede

Kaleabe Kebede has two years of experience in business and entrepreneurship, focused in the manufacturing and construction industry. Currently, Kaleabe manages his own concrete pole and marble manufacturing and construction company, which created hundreds of jobs. Kaleabe holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Addis Ababa University and a Business Management degree from Rift Valley University College. He is deeply motivated by his commitment to reduce poverty levels in his community and to play a huge role in the country's growing economy. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he hopes to increase efficiency in his businesses and attract additional business investors who would like to invest in his country's growth.

Rock Klahadoum  -  Chad

Rock Klahadoum

Rock Klahadoum is an IT professional with over six years’ experience in ICT. Rock currently works as an ICT Engineer with Airtel Chad. He focuses on one of the most challenging areas in today’s telecom world: Value Added Services (VAS). His work in this domain is focused primarily on monitoring, administrating, maintaining, deploying VAS Servers, and providing support for incident resolutions and security compliance. Rock holds a Diploma in Hardware and Networking Engineering from Intercom Programming Manufacturing and Corporation (College of Technology) in Accra. He is also certified in Microsoft System Engineer and ITIL foundation Version 3. In addition to his work as an ICT Engineer, Rock plans conferences and workshops to inform and educate people on IT-related issues and how to better make use of ICTs. Rock created an IT consulting firm which offers a range of IT services and training. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Rock intends to continue devoting his time to improving ICT access for members of his community to improve educational, social, and economic outcomes in Chad and beyond.

Sekouba Konate  -  Guinea

Sekouba Konate

Sekouba Konate is an IT engineer with seven years' experience in the field of system administration, database administration, and IT project management. Sekouba currently works with MTN Guinea-Conakry as an Online Charging System (OCS) Engineer, where he works on the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) prepaid promotional offer configuration in coordination with the marketing department. He also ensures GSM prepaid value added services availability. As a certified Oracle Database Administrator, Sekouba gives practical training sessions on Oracle Database administration to quite a number of ICT students from various universities. He engages himself to coach the youth in his community on personal development and to advise on career paths. He also aims for a better and higher education system in his community. Sekouba holds a bachelor's degree in Business Computing and Information Systems from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Sekouba’s aspiration is to set up a complete IT educational center with trainings from basic IT modules to higher IT modules and concepts, building strong local IT competencies, and more importantly, giving chances to every single person to have basic IT skills.

Esther Kunda  -  Rwanda

Esther Kunda

Esther Kunda is the Program and Operations Coordinator for Next Einstein Forum. She is building and managing the African community of scientists through various programs. Prior to that, she was supporting the Government of Rwanda to implement the Smart Education master plan as an Education Support Manager at Intel. She is experienced in product and business development in tech especially ICT for development. She is a member of Girls in ICT Rwanda, where they work to raise awareness and get young girls to join the STEM field. She is passionate about science and technology and women in STEM.

Kwena Mabotja  -  South Africa

Kwena Mabotja

Kwena Mabotja has five years of management consulting experience, where she has worked across a broad range of industries to solve business challenges. She is currently the SAP University Alliances/Next-Gen Lead for Africa, where she works to develop youth tech skills and student start-ups. She also leads the Africa chapter of Women in Data Science, an initiative aimed at increasing the participation of women in STEM and promoting the field of Data Science as an emerging career opportunity. In addition, Kwena serves as the Non-Executive Director of Moment Business Consultants (MBC), where she advises on strategic direction, planning, and operations. MBC supports youth SMEs with accounting services, business mentorship, and funding access. Kwena holds MBA qualifications from London Business School and the University of Cape Town. She has completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management from Wits University and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Witwatersrand. She is a change multiplier who sees empowering Africa’s youth and women through innovation and technology as a key driver to unlocking Africa's economic growth potential.

Isheanesu Makambira  -  Zimbabwe

Isheanesu Makambira

Isheanesu Makambira is a technology enthusiast with 9 years' experience in computer hardware and software development. Isheanesu is currently a co-founder in I.T For Hope and also the director in charge of technology development. Isheanesu is passionate about using technology to enhance human life in Africa. He currently is running a project to introduce solar powered laptops for education and data collection that will be used to enhance service delivery in healthcare and agriculture in disadvantaged communities. After the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Isheanesu intends to bring more innovative ways to use technology to build a better Zimbabwe and Africa.

Maimouna Mbacke  -  Senegal

Maimouna Mbacke

Maimouna defines herself as an innovative solutions provider. For three years now, she has been working as a development strategy consultant at Dalberg, a leading global consulting firm, providing out-of-the-box solutions to tackle the most challenging development issues. She works first-hand on critical development projects, advising policy and decision makers in areas such as education, youth employment, and women's empowerment challenges. Along with her consulting work, she pursues her passion for entrepreneurship as the founder of Massala, a beauty shop and Saveurs du Monde, a catering service. She decided to combine her interest in development and her passion for entrepreneurship when she started sourcing locally for her shop, building bridges between the local female artisans and the modern marketplace. In addition, she coaches her suppliers to strengthen their marketing abilities so that they offer more competitive products. Maimouna believes that financially empowered women invest more in their families and communities, hence spurring economic growth. Upon completion of the Mandela Fellowship, she aspires to use the skills gained to expand her business and continue coaching local young and female entrepreneurs to develop the necessary courage and knowledge to implement their business ideas.

Titos Munhequete  -  Mozambique

Titos Munhequete

Titos Munhequete is an MBA engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about solving local problems using technology, who deeply believes in the ability of Africans to innovate on a global scale. His experience covers collaborations in several countries where he had the opportunity to work both as an entrepreneur as well as an engineer. His first entrepreneurial endeavor was Geomecanica, a ground engineering company he co-founded with his professor after graduating from university. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to help solve the housing problem in Mozambique, incorporating local materials and construction technology in the design to create affordable housing. Thus was born REV Design-Architecture and Engineering, a consulting and construction company that specializes in turn-key projects, implementing several projects across Mozambique. Titos was then invited to join Golder Associates, a multinational Canadian consultancy organization where in less than a year he was appointed Business Development Manager, becoming the youngest African executive in the company at only 26 years old. More recently, Titos became aware of the challenges small and medium size farmers and producers were facing to sell their production, even though they accounted for more than 70% of the economy. Moreover, customers were offered very little convenience at brick-and-mortar stores, facing long lines and bad service. Thus was born Izyshop, Mozambique’s first and multi-awarded online supermarket, connecting the producers to consumers through the internet and offering same day delivery. Within a year from inception, Izyshop has received many awards, including the Startup of the Year award, representing Mozambique on the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley and the Slush Global Impact Showcase in Finland, becoming the first startup in Mozambique to bring home an international award. Izyshop is helping thousands of small producers move from 20USD to close to 100USD of monthly income. Titos is currently the CEO of Izyshop and spends his spare time giving talks and mentoring students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mike Mushi  -  Tanzania

Mike Mushi

At the age of 16, Mike Mushi founded the most influential website in Tanzania: It is a user-generated content website and a catalyst for great conversation in Swahili, with over 2.5 million unique monthly users. Mike is an internet entrepreneur who uses innovation to create new businesses on the internet. He also heads Jamii Media's business partnership division. His current passion is e-commerce and its dynamics in the African market. In his spare time, he mentors new technological talent.

Sheppard Mutarah  -  Zimbabwe

Sheppard Mutarah

Sheppard Kudakwashe Mutarah Pasipanodya has seven years of industrial and academic experience in the ICT sector. Currently, Sheppard Pasipanodya is Chairperson of the Department of Information Technology, Catholic University. Mr. Pasipanodya also has experience working as an IT expert for the Social Communications Commission where he coordinated social projects with youths across the country with different societal backgrounds. Mr. Pasipanodya holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. He is committed to developing business intelligence solutions that can be used to enhance the provision and efficient functioning of banking services in Zimbabwe. He believes combining technological techniques and banking is a way to empower the less privileged to initiate start-up business at low costs. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington fellowship, Mr. Pasipanodya plans to return to Zimbabwe and impart the knowledge gained to help less able individuals, especially women, to be involved in ICT and banking solution businesses.

Sicelo Ndlandla  -  Swaziland

Sicelo Ndlandla

Sicelo Ndlandla has four years of experience in the information communication technology (ICT) sector focusing on software development. Currently, Sicelo is a Chief Programmer and Managing Director at eWorld Technology Group where he focuses on building efficient enterprise software solutions for SME and learning institutions. He also focuses on planning, implementing, and evaluating company strategies, and he has mastered the skill of problem-solving, sales, and customer service. Sicelo holds an Associate Degree in Information Technology from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where he focused on writing computer code and managing databases. Sicelo is driven by his passion and commitment to increased uptake in locally produced software solutions, and one day he hopes to witness a complete usage of local software products. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Sicelo plans to continue his work developing software with interest on mentoring upcoming software developers focusing mainly on passing coding skill to young girls in high schools. He also plans to advocate for equal ICT opportunities and exposure for schools in rural areas.

Nkem Okocha  -  Nigeria

Nkem Okocha

Okocha Nkem has almost four years' experience in community development, with a focus on economic empowerment of low-income women. Nkem is the Founder of Mamamoni, a FinTech platform that enables individuals invest in poor women in Nigeria by lending to them to fund their businesses. Since inception, she has impacted over 4000 poor women in different communities in Nigeria. Nkem is passionate about helping poor women break the cycle of poverty; she does this through provision of sustainable livelihood skills and access to finance. Nkem holds a bachelor's degree in Banking and Finance from Lagos State University. Upon her return from The Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to scale Mamamoni's operation to reach more women across Nigeria.

Ogunlana Olumide  -  Nigeria

Ogunlana Olumide

Ogunlana Olumide is the co-founder of PrepClass, an online platform that connects learners to vetted tutors for physical and practical exchange of knowledge. PrepClass helps improve the overall academic performance of learners while providing lucrative means of income for tutors and was featured on Fast Company as one the most innovative startups in Africa in 2015. Recently, PrepClass received a $322,000 grant from the GSM Association to scale the connection between learners and tutors via mobile. In 2013, Olumide graduated from the department of Electrical Engineering as salutatorian and felt he could do more to assist other learners. At first, he started tutoring learners by himself, but he soon learnt the need to build something more robust in order to scale up. Today, PrepClass is active in 3 major Nigerian cities and has earned tutors over 80 million Naira while improving the learning outcomes by above 70%. Mr. Olumide was recently featured on Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2016.

Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu  -  Nigeria

Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu

Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu has over three years of experience in implementation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in schools for children and youth from ages 3-21, especially girls in rural communities in Nigeria. Currently, Uchenna is the Chief Executive Officer of Edufun Technik, where they focus on creating awareness on the importance of STEM education by designing simple STEM learning tools; delivering quality hands on STEM trainings for school students, teachers, and school administrators; and designing STEM mentorship programs for girls pursuing careers in STEM-related disciplines. Through Edufun Technik’s work, five schools have added STEM education to their school curriculum and over 800 students, mostly young girls in rural communities, have taken interest in STEM education. Uchenna holds a degree in Psychology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Nigeria. She is motivated to raise a generation of young people that are highly innovative with excellent scientific skills who will take up careers in science and have successful social impact. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Uchenna plans to open a well-equipped STEM Lab/Learning Center which will enable her to increase the number of students her work can reach while advocating for policies that promote STEM education in Nigeria.

Bizuye Shiferaw  -  Ethiopia

Bizuye Shiferaw

Bzuayehu Shiferaw has over seven years of experience in the academic sector as a lecturer in the field of business management and three years of experience as an entrepreneurship trainer. Currently, Bzuayehu is a Lecturer at Hawassa University, where she focuses on giving course lectures, undertaking different researches, and advising students. Apart from her regular teaching activities, Bzuayehu provides entrepreneurship training to her community through an organization called Entrepreneurship Development Center Ethiopia (EDC). Bzuayehu holds a Master's Degree in Marketing Management from Hawassa University and is one of UNCTAD’s certified National Master Entrepreneurship trainers of Ethiopia. She is driven to empower women and girls to become involved with sustainable community development. She hopes to establish a training and consultancy institute that specializes in entrepreneurship, business management, and leadership. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Bzuayehu plans to play a role in enhancing the hidden potential of woman and girls as entrepreneurs and leaders in their community through entrepreneurship training and teaching activities.